How Do I Know I Will Receive My Order?

All our packaging is sent domestically in Australia & does not have to cross the dreaded hurdle at customs. However, if for whatever reason your package is not delivered & we can’t prove succesful delivery via a tracking number then we will re-ship your order free of charge. This has yet to happen to us. we have 100% succesful shipments over the last 4 years

When Will My Order Be Sent?

All orders will be sent with sent within one business day – with the exception of weekends. If you haven’t received a tracking number after 1 business day then feel free to reach out. Also please check your junk folder as our customers often find the automated email in there. If you find our emails end up in your junk folder you can add our email address as a contact in your email settings, then you’ll find the emails will appear in your inbox 🙂

Why is Your Kratom So Much Cheaper Than Other Aussie Vendors?

Here at AussieKratom we are passionate about the medicinal benefits of this plant and are constantly blown away at the stories we hear on a daily basis from our customers and how this plant has impacted their quality of life in such a positive way. That alone gives us a joy that that money in the world can not.

We know this amazing plant can be quite expensive when sourced within Australia and we’re mindful of trying to lower the burden there. We also know the crushing feeling of trying to source kratom “Cheaper” overseas only for your package to get seized at customs. So with all of that in mind we have decided to bring kratom at prices that for once are actually affordable and sustainable. We do this by sourcing straight from the grower in Bulk orders to get the costs down as low as possible, and then passing those savings onto YOU the customer. This is why we are the cheapest in Australia 🙂

We at AussieKratom care & if you ever want to reach out and tell us how this plant has helped you it would make our day.

Why is Bitcoin Your Only Payment Method?

Many ask this question and some will already know the answer. Due to Australia’s strict regulations around Kratom no payment provider will allow us to use their services and in addition some will even flag the transaction as illegal and freeze the money for both parties. Paying with Bitcoin ensures that everyone can pay with speed and privacy & no middle man will stop the end user from receiving their product. It also allows you to purchase with privacy in mind.  For those that have never used bitcoin please check our “How to order” page on our website and you will be surprised to find you can purchase bitcoin quite easily.

If however after reading our “how to order” guide you still feel stuck then just chose “Card less Cash” as your payment method out checkout. Please note the cash option will incur a 1o% surcharge.

Why Do You Only Offer 3 Strains?

For many it can be confusing when navigating the kratom market with 100s of strains available to the consumer. We at AussieKratom have tried over 70+ of the various strains on the market and have concluded most strains are the same with some offering slightly more medicinal benefits. However not all strains are MADE the same. We believe the 3 strains we offer are the best on the market as we have also considered the regenerative farming aspect. Ours are Pesticide and chemical free, no additives are used & also we ensure sterilisation of the powders (100 micron) ensuring every strain is of the highest quality for our consumer. We visited many Kratom farms, and can assure you they are not all the same with using nasty chemicals during processing of the extract. Fortunately we have a wonderful relationship with our supplier and have secured a exclusively supply to us only 🙂

How Much Kratom Should I Take?

There is a sweet science to kratom dosing that ensures your tolerance is kept low & the plants medicinal effects remain efficacious. Everyone’s dosing is different however we recommend starting at 1-1.5g per dose and slowly increase as needed. Many kratom users make the mistake of thinking they can’t overuse it and will drink doses exceeding 10g per serve, however these users will soon find themselves becoming more and more tolerant to the plant and with some even falling into the addiction area. Please remain responsible with this plant and remember a little goes a long way – but only if you stay consistent with it. For more info please read our dosing guide on our website.