Where to Buy Kratom Australia

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All of our Kratom powders and capsules are laboratory tested and approved  ensuring you get the safest and purest for your health. 

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We have many hundreds of customers all over Australia. From Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin and Hobart that Buy Kratom from us with both express post and regular post delivery. Every customer receives a tracking number for every order they place.  

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We Guarantee pure natural refreshing Kratom. We take the stress out of ensuring it is free of impurities for you. Relieve pain, reduce stress, and energise your mood naturally.  We have taken GREAT care in where and how we source our (Mitragyna Speciosa). It is all wild grown as it should be. 

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Unlike other suppliers in Australia we offer an anonymous buying experience in case you want to hide your identity and remain discrete. Easily pay in seconds with Bitcoin so no one can track your transactions — not even us. Buy Kratom Locally in Australia – Safe and secure.

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We are coming up to 4 Year’s in the Kratom business and we’re consistently trusted by our repeat customers for a couple of reasons. We never compromise on the quality, and purity of the (Mitragyna speciosa) powder & if there is an issue with receiving your package we will always reship for free. 100% reship Guarantee. We are that confident with our stealth packaging.

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Who are We?

We’re Aussie Kratom, and we are passionate about the power of natural healing. We discovered (Mitragyna speciosa), a rare tree that is found only in Southeast Asia. If used respectfully and in its pure form, is 100% safe for relieving pain, reducing stress, and uplifting the mood naturally. So we decided to start this brand, Aussie Kratom, to help fellow Aussies who believe in the power of nature’s healing. Here, you’ll be able to buy (Mitragyna speciosa) in its purest form — for all the goodness nature has to offer for you. 

Types of Kratom — and Which One Should You Get?

This comes in three different types.  Extract, Powder, and Capsule. All of these types intend to give you similar effects under certain dosages. For example, on a small dosage, you get focused, refreshed, and energized. On larger (15-30mg) dozes, you get a relaxing, sleepy, and therapeutic experience. But what are these types exactly and how do these differ, let’s find out below:

a) Kratom Powder

The powder, simply put, is a powder made from Kratom leaves. When the leaves are fully matured, they’re picked. Then those leaves go through the ‘drying’ phase, which Is done under the natural sunlight. When they’re fully dried like Autumn leaves, they’re crushed. Then to make a consistent industry-standard powder, a processing machine is used. No chemicals, herbs, or colors are used. This is how we ensure you get a pure, effective, and all-natural powder. Green Hulu and Red Sulawesi Strain are the strongest most effective Kratom strains. Most people prefer either the Green Hulu or the Red Sulawesi for their needs. Different leaf sizes, leaf ages, and varying drying times produce different strength powders. Learn more about how Kratom interacts with your brain.

b) Kratom Capsule

Even though it’s capsules have the exact same benefits as Kratom powder, the preparation differs. First and foremost, (Mitragyna speciosa) powder is produced just as we discussed earlier. Then the right type of capsules is chosen (gelatin or vegetable) When it comes to capsule sizes, the 000-size is the largest one (1gm). The 000 can be a little hard to swallow, so we decided to use 00 for our customers. The 00 capsules hold 500mg of powder so if you wanted to have a 1.5g dose of Kratom you would swallow 3 of our capsules. (Mitragyna speciosa) capsules have become very popular even though they increase the cost per gram. It is a very labour intensive process to make these capsules. However, they are the first choice for many customers due to the fact you can easily take them while on the go, without having to boil the Kettle and make a cup of (Mitragyna speciosa) tea. Learn more about how Kratom is produced.

c) Kratom Extract

The initial process of making Kratom extracts is the same: mature leaves of (Mitragyna speciosa) are picked, then dried, and molded into a consistent powder through a blender. After that, to make the extract, that powder is boiled to the point that all the alkaloids are extracted into a liquid form. This is why it’s 2X more powerful than just chewing the leaves, taking the capsules, or using the powder form. So for stronger effects, try it’s extract. But keep in mind you take the right dosage. A smaller dosage is for refreshing mood and fostering mental clarity. Larger dosages are for relaxing the brain and for most people is a sedative experience. Read more about Kratom dosage.